Our Team

Jenna Christ

Jenna Christ

Customer Service Representative

Jenna is here to help with policy changes, billing questions, and providing documents for your existing insurance policies. She is fully licensed, which means she has the knowledge and expertise to properly advise you and answer your insurance questions. You’ll hear from Jenna periodically to make sure you policies are still adequate for your needs, review cost changes, and let you know how much we appreciate having you as our client.

Kristina (Kris) Ocampo

Kristina (Kris) Ocampo

Insurance Agent

Kristina Ocampo began her insurance career in 2008, always working through the independent channel to offer multiple options to clients. Kris has taken every opportunity to learn more about insurance and become an expert in providing customized solutions while helping to educate clients to better their insurance knowledge and understanding. Kris loves the process of gathering information, comparing options, and presenting only the best to her clients. Kris is licensed in personal and business insurance in PA, and will be obtaining her OH license in the future. In her spare time, Kris enjoys reading and spending time with her dogs and grandchildren, and her favorite musician is Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20!

A Note From i.e. Insurance:

Providing an excellent customer experience for our clients is our passion, which has earned us glowing testimonials from individual clients, network partners, and professional groups. We evaluate our clients’ entire insurance portfolio, and provide the appropriate resources to provide for the right needs, at the right time and price. We go above and beyond the basic auto, home, and business insurance review to ensure our clients are protected thoroughly. This attention to detail has given us the reputation of providing “Insurance Excellence” time and time again.

Who is i.e. Insurance?

i.e. Insurance, LLC began operations on April 10, 2015.  i.e. Insurance is a fully licensed insurance agency located in Harmony, Pennsylvania and is owned and operated by Tiffany Nolan who you can read more about on this page.  Our licensing allows us to provide consultation and coverage options for clients in Pennsylvania and Ohio.  We believe in providing a refreshing and educational approach to insurance, and are going to be your committed insurance agent for life.  i.e. Insurance brings experience, aggressive marketing and growth plans, and fresh ideas to our local area.  Our operation might seem small right now, but we have big plans for the future and are excited that you are considering becoming a part of our legacy!

What does i.e. mean/stand for?

Great question! Those letters mean a few different things to us!

First, quite literally, the abbreviation “i.e. means ‘that is’ (to say). i.e. is an abbreviation for Latin id est, ‘that is’. (definition compliments of Dictionary.com.) So, to us, i.e. Insurance means insurance is what we do and do best.

Defining an insurance agent is a little more complex.  An agent is a person or business authorized to act on another’s behalf (Credit), where insurance is protection for some of the most important risks in your life.  We take our job as your insurance agent very seriously, and work to find you the best protection at the most fair price.

Also, i.e. is part of our mission and vision here at i.e. Insurance.  We won’t settle for giving our clients anything but an excellent experience.  We work diligently to provide our customers the best policies,, the best pricing, and most importantly, the best service.  So, you can also say that i.e. stands for “insurance excellence,” our commitment to our clients.

Our Owner

I have been an insurance agent since 2010. I joined the insurance industry to help my clients protect their most valuable assets. I’ve been certified to provide expert advice on auto, property, business, and flood insurance, and was the first agent in Western PA to earn the National Flood Insurance Program’s ANFI designation. I am currently licensed to provide personal insurance in PA and OH.

I am a resident of Butler County. In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering at first-time homebuyer classes and spending time with my very large extended family! I also love to work with anything car related, and spend time outdoors riding side-by-sides and sitting around a fire with friends.

Providing an excellent customer experience for my clients is my passion, which has earned me glowing testimonials from individual clients, employer and professional groups, and business partners. I evaluate my clients’ insurance portfolio, and provide the appropriate resources to provide for the right needs, at the right time and price. I go above and beyond the basic auto, home, and business insurance needs to ensure my clients are protected thoroughly and understand their policies and coverage. This attention to details has given me the reputation of providing “Insurance Excellence” time and time again.