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Property Insurance


Homeowner – this provides coverage if you already own or are in the process of purchasing a house that you live in at least 6 months out of the year, which is considered your primary residence.  This is the most common type of home insurance.

Seasonal – this is for the camp you visit in the summer with your family, a condo near the slopes, or that second house that your relative lives in for free.  This is similar to a home insurance policy, but provides variations in coverage for the time the unit is rented to others and personal belongings.

Condo – the difference between a condo and a homeowner policy lies within the ownership of the building. Condos have common ground, which sometimes includes walls that there are commercial insurance policies protection. The owner of a condo may be responsible for only their personal belongings, the entire unit, or somewhere in between. It is important to have a conversation about your specific property.

Mobile/Modular Home – most clients don’t realize that mobile or modular homes require a special insurance policy.  We offer multiple options when it comes to mobile or modular home insurance to ensure you are properly protected.

Renter – this is for tenants of a house, mobile home, or unit within an apartment building to cover your personal belongings and liability risks.

Landlord – similar to a home insurance policy, but this is for the owner of a property who does not live in the house but instead rents that property to a non-family member.


Dwelling – this is the coverage that pays to rebuild the building insured. At the time of purchase of a policy, we will assist you in determining the appropriate amount of insurance.

Other Structures – this provides protection for damage of buildings or structures on your property but not attached to the house. Examples of other structures are fences, sidewalks, driveways, and sheds.

Personal Property – this pays to repair or replace your personal belongings in the event of a covered claim. Some types of personal property have limits of liability, so you should discuss your coverage options if you have anything values at $2,500 for any one item, or a collection.

Loss of Use – this provides coverage for the added cost of living when you can’t stay in your home because of a claim. Examples of loss of use can be hotel costs or eating at a restaurant.

Deductible – this is the amount you pay for any covered claim. Deductibles can be as low as $500, but can be as high as 1% or 2% of the rebuild cost of your home.

Liability – this provides protection for the homeowner if a non-family member gets injured on the property. There is no deductible for liability coverage

Medical Payments – similar to liability, this provides a smaller amount of coverage strictly for reasonable medical costs in the event of a minor injury on the property of the insured. No deductible applies to this coverage.

Optional Coverage Options: Identity Fraud, Scheduled Personal Property, Watercraft, Water Back-Up, Mold Coverage, Extended Liability, Business Pursuits, Home Day Care and others