Filing A Claim

Auto Insurance Claims

Being involved in a car accident can be scary!  Here are some helpful tips to make sure your claim process goes smoothly:

1. Always have your current insurance information in your vehicle
2. Take pictures at the scene of the accident (if safe, before moving any involved vehicles) from multiple directions
3. If in doubt, call 911 or your local police. They are there to keep you safe and document situations
4. In addition to contact and insurance information, get pictures of driver licenses, insurance cards, and license plates of all involved vehicles
5. Call the phone number provided by the others involved before leaving the accident to ensure ability to contact
6. Proceed with filing a claim as soon as possible, as details fade as time passes
7. For witnesses, gather full names, phone numbers, vehicle information, and where they were in relation to the accident
8. Don’t argue over fault at the scene of an accident.  The insurance carrier will take all necessary measures to determine fault
9. Listen to first responders, especially if they recommend medical treatment.

Property Insurance Claims

Whether you experience a weather related claim, a burglary, or a fire, your home is your safe zone and anything that jeopardizes the safety and security of you and your loved ones is a major event.  There are some things you should do in advance of having a claim to make the process easier:

1. Have an inventory of your personal belongings – many of our carriers offer free aps for smart phones, or simply take pictures or video of each room to document belongings
2. Practice safety by replacing smoke detector batteries twice per year, changing furnace filters, and keeping that dryer lint from accumulating
3. Have an emergency evacuation plan so that everyone is on the same page – and practice it regularly, especially if you have children

So, you’ve done it all right and are still faced with a home insurance claim, what now?

1. GET TO SAFETY – no possession is more valuable than your life and health
2. Call 911 (or your local police) first to initiate first responders (even if it’s not urgent you still need a police report)
3. Save all receipts for out of pocket costs
4. Contact your insurance provider to initiate the claim process

At i.e. Insurance, we strive to be here when our clients need us the most, but claims don’t always happen during business hours.   Below you will find the information to contact the insurance carrier directly to initiate a new claim against your policy.  Simply select the tab below that corresponds to the carrier name on your proof of insurance, and you’ll find the toll free phone number that connects you to the 24 hour claim reporting center.  Some companies even offer the ability to file your claim online!  If online filing is an option with the carrier, you’ll see that link listed as well.

Please don’t forget that i.e. Insurance is here to be your agent and consultant throughout the claim process.  Although we usually receive notification from the carrier that you’ve filed a claim, we would love to hear from you directly to make sure we are doing everything we can to get you back to normal.